Palenke Soultribe, a live electronic production collective are taking electronic music to new heights by deconstructing Afro-Colombian rhythms and blending them with modern beats, catchy bass lines and synthesized arpeggios. Based in Los Angeles, Palenke Soultribe (PST) puts on energetic shows, and are consistently releasing musically interesting albums and remixes, always pushing the envelope visually and conceptually. They represent a new generation of Colombian musicians ready to break all the rules.

Palenke Soultribe was originally formed by producer/bassist Juan Diego Borda (a.k.a. Insectosound) and producer/ keyboardist Andres “Popa” Erazo. Later joined by drummer Argel Cota and percussionists Clodomiro Montes, PST enjoys working as a collective, inviting guest producers, singers, songwriters and instrumentalists to their shows and to contribute on their albums.

Palenke Soultribe es una banda de música electrónica que combina ritmos y melodías de la música tradicional Afro-Colombiana con estéticas contemporáneas como Electronica e Indie. Formado en Los Ángeles en 2005, Palenke Soultribe se ha ganado un lugar de privilegio en el la música alternativa en Estados Unidos destacándose por sus enérgicos shows, álbumes interesantes y por su búsqueda constante de innovación musical y visual.


Argel Cota, Locos Por Juana, Malverde, Cesar Pliego (Kinky), Elastic Bond, Diego Cadavid, Mr Vallenato, Naada Guerra, Scrip, Montana Jose; others.


Have played together with The Prodigy, 2 Many DJs, Jimmy Cliff, Balkan Beat Box, Matisyahu, Bomba Estereo, Zoe, Systema Solar,Joe Claussell, Kinky, Superlitio, Locos Por Juana among others.

2015 – Womex 2015 , Budapest
2015 – EUROPEAN TOUR (Glastonbury (UK), Colors of Ostrava)
2013-14 – EUROPEAN TOUR (Switzwerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France)
2014 – Dia de Muertos @ Grand Park (LA,USA)
2013 – Fon Fest (Miami,USA)
2013 – Festival Internacional de Cine en Guanajuato (Mexico)
2013 – USA “Mar” TOUR 2013 (7 cities)
2012 – USA TOUR 2012 along Balkan Beat Box (9 cities)
2012 – Fusion Fest – Berlin, Germany
2012, 2010 – South by Southwest Music Conference – Austin, TX
2011-13 – Grand Performances – Los Angeles, CA
2010, 2011 – Winter Music Conference – Miami, FL
2010 – SHOCK Awards – Bogota, Colombia
2010 – Sunset Junction Festival – Hollywood, CA
2010 – Festival Estereo Picnic – Bogota, Colombia
2010 – Festival Centro – Bogota, Colombia

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